Tuesday 8 February 2011

Ghost Healers - Healing 'Tesso' by Ms N. F

Here late I am sending some news of Tesso.
It has been a very interesting experience meeting and living together.

We both gained great benefit which we hope to spread further.

Monday 17 January 2011

Ghost Healers - Healing 'Mouryo' by Ms L. G

Waiting for 'Mouryo' with the fruit in the (vegitable) hand

Waiting for Mouryo with the hand and a packet of crisp...

The day Mouryo came.

Wednesday 12 January 2011

Becoming a Ghost Healer not Hunter

GHost III, Performance, December 17th 2010 at St. John Bethnal Green

These are unhappy ghosts, they have various reasons for becoming ghosts or spirits but they need our help.

I was helping people hunt invisible ghosts in order to heal them. I was asking visitors to help release the ghosts pains or to solve their problems. Visitors were encouraged to pick one of the ghosts from their individual cards, face-down so they could choose a random ghost. I explained the particular nature of the ghost. There were a series of objects on a table, all appropriated in someway to help the ghosts. Participants needed to choose the right item to help their ghosts.

When they chose the item to take back with them; they needed to explain and wrote out an instruction on how they would achieve this. I asked photos of their care as evidence that they have carried out their instruction.

Hyakki Yakoo (Night Parade of a Hundred Demons) Illustrated by Sekien Toriyama, published in Japan 1776
Ehon Hyaku Monogatari (Picture book of a Hundred stories) Illustrated by Shunsen Takehara, published in Japan 1841

The details of instruction sheet 'Becoming a Ghost Healer not Hunter' were;
  • I would like to heal my ghost: Name of the ghost __________________
  • I am able to heal my ghost because;
  • I am ___________
  • I am ___________
  • I am ___________
  • I am ___________
  • The item I have chosen ____________________________
  • Please describe your methods below. How do you heal your ghost with the item you have chosen?
  • Signature ______________
  • Date __________________
  • Email address __________

The below are the participants, the ghosts they have chosen and the instructions they wrote.

She chose 'Tesso'

An image of Tesso

Her instruction for Tesso
The item she has chosen: Black Board

She chose 'Sarakazoe'

An image of Sarakazoe

Her instruction for Sarakazoe
he item she has chosen: Bowl of azuki beans

She chose 'Mouryo'

An Image of Mouryo

Her instruction for Moryo
The item she has chosen: The fruit in the (Vegitable) hand

She chose 'Sansei'

An image of Sansei

Her instruction for Sansei
The item she has chosen: A flipper

He chose 'Kosode no te'

An image of Kosode no te

His instruction for Kosode no te
The item he has chosen: Cloth and sawing kit

She Chose 'Yoru no gakuya'

An image of Yoru no gakuya

Her instruction for Yoru no gakuya
The item she has chosen: A hologram of a person drumming

She chose Dodomeki

An image of Dodomeki

Her instruction for Dodomeki
The item she has chosen: The makeup case

He chose Mekurabe

An image of Mekurbe

His instruction for Mekurabe
The item he has chosen: Lavender oil